Photo Preservation-CD

Protect  those "special moments" caught on film by placing them on CD-Rom.

 Do you live in a storm prone area? Have negatives of pictures you don't have prints for? Tired of having to set up the slide projector to view the slides taken from family vacations, graduations, weddings or reunions? 

There is no easier way to safeguard and view all of your pictures than on CD-Rom. 
CD-Rom's are easier than photo albums to take with you if evacuated for hurricanes, floods, etc.   

We can put these keepsakes on to CD-Rom for you to view on your computer.

All prints, slides, or negatives to be supplied by customer.
turnaround time dependant on number of images.
We do not develop film. We only accept  slides and
negatives that have already been processed.

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