Our Pricing Philosophy:

Webgroomers charges are based on complete sites. The rates
are very affordable, with no hidden charges.
Our mission is to make professional, attractive, fast loading
web sites available to everyone, at an economical price.


Webgroomers Pricing Guide:

Complete sites from $500.00 and upwards.

All sites include the following at NO EXTRA CHARGE:

Top Quality Custom Web design and site layout.
Photo and text scanning. (Photos and text to be supplied by client)
Customized interactive forms. (order forms, booking forms, etc.)
Registration with major search engines.
Buttons & Icons.

We do web sites on an individual basis. We discuss with our clients
what their objectives are, and make joint decisions on what best suits
the clients needs. All of the above items are what we feel are
necessities to creating a professional and effective web presence
on the internet, and should always included in the base price to
have a well balanced web site.

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