This product enables you to get all your slides and negatives on to CD-Rom ready for use on any website, or flyers you may create.

35mm slides and negatives will be scanned at high and low resolution, which can be resized for use on your web page, this a way of getting all your photo collection in one safe place on your computer.

This is also a great idea for keeping your photographs on CD-Rom, 
were you can't delete them by accident. 

Slides & Negatives from 35mm to 5" x 4"
Photographs up to 20" x 16"

Special Offer

All prints, slides, or negatives to be supplied by customer.
turnaround time dependant on number of images.
We do not develop film. We only accept  slides and 
negatives that have already been processed.


With Over 20 Years experience in the Computer Graphics field and a background in Photography, we know how to get your images looking just right.

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